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   AYF Safari International – is one of the companies that belongs to the structures of AYF International Company. This company has been operating since 1996 (license № 00221142, state registration № 463). In accordance with its activity spheres it has 5 hunting reserves and hunter lodges. It co-operates with about 20 hunting companies of more than 15 countries all over the world. Its regular representations are acting in 4 countries. It is acting in the 110 thousand hectare hunting areas attached by the government. The hotels, restaurants, guest houses and comfortable vehicles of the company are always given to the disposal of coming clients. The hunt is conducted by the professional and experienced huntsmen. Hunt is organized to over than 10 wild animal species. All animals live in natural condition and these areas are protected by the employees of the company.

Greeting of hunters (customers), hunting process and departure:

   Greeting at Baku Haydar Aliyev airport, in accordance with the desire of customers, they can spend night in hotel after their arrival or go to hunting base directly. A lunch or breakfast is organized on their way to the hunting area. The customers are transferred to hunting places by Jeeps: Toyota Land Cruiser, Toyota Hilux, Nissan Patrol. Taking into account the clients’ desire the hunt can be organized by beating or stalking, approaching to the animal up to 50 m distance. During the hunt, depending on physical preparation of the hunter local huntsmen and guides assist them. The clients are provided with water, fruits, and sandwich during hunt and breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, alcoholic drinks, fruit juice, mineral water, tea, coffee during a day. After the hunt, trophies of the killed animals are cleaned, boiled, salted and treated with mordant and brought to Baku.

In accordance with their desire clients can spend night at AYF Palace Hotel ( in Baku or can directly go to airport for departure. We can offer our seaside hotels and recreation bases to the guest staying in the city. And we organize for them excursions to the 2000 year old historical monuments, places and other sightseeing of Baku.

Other terms and conditions:

   In accordance with desire of client the company can make a film in a professional level about his hunting trip and can give one copy. For this, client must give order two month in advance to the company. The company owns 2, bran-new, 30-06 calibre Argo Benelli rifles with powerful optical sights (scopes). Any target can be exactly hit from 500-600 m distance with these rifles. If the client arrives without his gun, he can hire one of these rifles. If the clients finish their hunts earlier they can spend their remaining days in Baku. Living in the AYF Palace Hotel ( with normal prices, they can relax in the beaches and visit the places they wish.

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