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“Experts” say that out of all existent climatic zones only two are not represented in Azerbaijan. Others do not agree with the statement and believe that Azerbaijan has all of them but one. It is possible that it explains the favorable conditions for hunting in Azerbaijan. Through all ages, the diverse landscape and natural conditions made hunting the principle men's occupation. An ovchu (hunter) was the most popular hero of legends. Hunting scenes are the main motif of rock pictures found in the ancient human settlement in Gobustan. Since that time the living conditions have changed and the society has developed, which made a big impact on habitat. At the same time the hunting arms were developed as well. However, what has not been changed is a men's wish for hunting and for proving their power over nature. It was natural that the fauna suffered losses. It led to narrowing of their habitat, distortion of ecology and making the animal life scanty. Nowaday, what can be offered for game-shooting became more “modest”. However, owing to the efficient ecological policy. Azerbaijan managed to preserve its resources. This is the main reason why all guests coming to Azerbaijan consider it to be.


Among various hunting possibilities, a game-shooting for Caucasian goat and other types of mountainous goats is believed to be the most exciting. The above mentioned animals are numerous in the highlands of the eastern part of the Greater Caucasus. One can found flocks consisting of 100 to 150 goats. Specimen of 100-120 kg with I m wide horns are not rare in the Balakhany, Zagataly, Gakh, Sheki, Gabala, Isnailly and Guba regions. Such a trophy could be a pride of any hunter or sportsman.

Yet, the Reader should not be misled by the number of animals recorded. This is really an exciting and quite a complex sport. One should have a “shooting luck” to be successful. The local hunting experts would certainly tell you stories about a “totally luckless” Austrian sportsman, who visited Azerbaijan as a member of various teams regularly during five years starting from 1959. Every time he returned back… with no horns. It is amazing that all his colleagues had trophies and more than one for each at a time. The hunting for bears and wild boars is also available in the woody slopes of those regions. The fells and heads of the Caucasian bears and boars adorn many hunting collections or reception rooms of some patrimonial castles. Roar hunting can be organized in many regions of Azerbaijan. Never-the-less the best places for hunting are in the Lenkoran-Astara region, Shemakha region and in the area of Alty-Agach, in the Imishly region. The all-year round hunting is available for such beasts of prey as wolf, reed cat and jackal in all regions of Azerbaijan. Fur-bearing animal shooting is also available. It includes marten, badger, raccoon and fox. However, many people believe that.


Game-shooting is full of paradoxes. One of them is the fact that Geneva is the nesting place for coots, However, in order to hunt coots it is necessary to come to Azerbaijan since coot-fowling has been forbidden in Switzerland. In Azerbaijan, the fowling is not limited to the above mentioned bird. Abundance of geese, teals and ducks in creeks, flood-lands and shallow waters of the Caspian Sea attracts attention of wild-fowl lovers. Of no less interest for hunters is the mountainous and woody areas-habitat of pheasants, partridges, Azeri endemic francolin and pigeons. The steppe regions are also good for hunting these birds. They are known for plenty of quails, pigeons and wood-pigeons. In 1970s former President of Finland Urkho Kekkonen came to have a rest in Azerbaijan. He was offered to go in for fowling. It was so successful that some slanderous people said sarcastically that all game-birds were drove together specially for the “VIP” guest. Being an expert and connoisseurs of game-shooting, the President said that “if the Lord created the Earth earmarked for something, this part of the world was intended to be the game-shooting paradise. However, some people do not agree with the statement, particularly those who believe that.


The Azerbaijan republic has several fish-farms that annually release into rivers millions of young fish. Though the country has a developed fishing industry, the amount is far more than sufficient. Hundreds of reckless fishermen with fishing or spinning rods in their hands meet every daybreak. Those who like iridescent trout go to waterfalls in mountains, and those who are fond of catching easily frightened chub or kutum, they are watching fornear creeks and steep banks of the Kura and Araks rivers. No less fishermen gather usually on the shores and islands of the Caspian Sea. 3-4 kg sazans, pikes and pikepercher are frequent catch in numerous lakes and ponds of the Kura and Araks, Naturally, using a fishing rod you will hardly catch a sturgeon or a famous Caspian white salmon but royal fish shemaya, Caspian roach, rudd, tench, perch or a special Caspian shad (a very big plump fish) are easy to catch on a fish-hoot. However, by submarine fishing one can do without fishing hooks. As close as 65 km from Baku, the Alyat Bank is waiting for you offering crystal clear water and fascinating underwater world. There are some beautiful places for submarine fishing on the Absheron as well, Another special group consists of those who like to reflect.

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