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   This game animal inhabits in the mountain areas of Azerbaijan – in the Caucasian mountains. According to the latest statistics officially around 18000 head of animal live in the mountains. And 65% of these animals live in the areas of the company. The average weight of the animal is 60-110 kg, length 90-110 cm, and the height is equal to 85-95 cm. Tur hunting is conducted on the basis of the quota given by government. The protection of animals and bio measures are carried out by company. The annual increase of this animal, on average is equal to 20-25%. Average life is 14-16 year. It is considered to be sheep, but in some literature it is described as goat. World hunters are very much interested in Dagestan Tur and there is enough information about this animal in SCI

Hunting areas:

   So far the company organizes this hunt in Quba and Sheki regions only. It is planning to organize Tur hunt in Qakh and Zakatala zones also in the nearest future.    Quba- is situated in the north of Azerbaijan; it is a hilly and picturesque region. It is one of the nooks that tourists like mostly. The distance from Baku to hunting houses is 230 km. 190 km of this road is asphalt, 25 km is dirt road, 15 km is horse riding. The elevation of the hunting lodges is 2000m and of the hunting spots is 2400-3000m from the sea – level.    Sheki- is situated in the north-west of Azerbaijan. Sheki region also has a beautiful nature as Quba. The distance from Baku to Sheki region is 300 km asphalt road, from Sheki to the hunting houses 15-20 km dirt road, then 10-20 km horse riding to the hunting camps. The altitude in the hunting spots is 2600-3200 metres from the sea-level. The guarantee for successful hunt is 90-95% in the both zones.

Hunting season:

   Hunting season covers the period from June 01 to December 15.

Duration of the hunting trip:

The duration of Tur hunting trip is 7 days in Azerbaijan. 5 days are hunting days, the other 2 days are intended for going and coming back from hunting areas. If the customer wants, he can increase hunting days by additional paying.

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